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CCH March 2020 Service Updates

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CCH March 2020 Service Updates

Campbell County Health has updates on the following services for patients.

Medical Records
Medical Records is closed to the public. Obtain a record release form by:

Patient Billing
Patient Financial Services is closed to the public. Call 307-688-2690 for billing needs. You can also pay your bill online at

Pediatrics Clinic 
In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Pediatrics Clinic in the Main Clinic are cancelling non-essential services in our clinic practice at this time—this includes: Drs. McCaffreySabey, and Val Amstadt, PA-C.

All Wellness Visits and chronic health visits—such as ADHD management, anxiety, depression, or anything that can wait four to eight weeks—will be rescheduled.

If parents have concerns about their child’s health—such as sick symptoms, reflux, behavior, nutrition, development, ADHD meds, mood meds—please call 307-688-3636 ext. 1 to reach our nursing staff.

We need to decrease the number of kids moving through the clinic. So, we will encourage families to use home cares whenever possible.

Home Cares
Please, if your child is having cold symptoms but is breathing comfortably, making at least three wet diapers a day, and acting like themselves, STAY HOME! Remember your tools:

  • Tylenol and Motrin
  • Nasal suction! Nasal suction! Nasal suction!
  • Pedialyte can be given in place of formula
  • hydration is more important than eating
  • humidified air, snuggles, popsicles
  • avoid cough medicines in children, as they don’t really work. Honey is best in children over 1 year old! Remember: coughing helps prevent pneumonia!
  • Fever is NOT dangerous and cannot be “too high.” It is a sign of a healthy immune system as long as the child is acting otherwise like themselves.

Children with life-threatening emergencies should dial 911.

We will be discussing how to address vaccinations. We will continue to assess the needs of our community and clinic, so these guidelines may change.

Wyoming Orthopedics & Spine
The WYOS clinic and radiology departments are open, and are currently seeing patients. To schedule an appointment, please call 307-686-1413. Click here to read more.

Wellness / Daily Blood Draws

The Wellness daily community blood draws, lab tests, and health and wellness screenings have been discontinued in the Campbell County, Wyoming community until further notice. Please keep in mind that Wellness was not intended to replace the need for diagnostic laboratory services. The Campbell County Memorial Hospital Laboratory is available for blood draws that MUST be done; testing requires a doctor's order. Patients who enter CCMH will be screened for respiratory symptoms before they can access the Lab.

Below is a list of common laboratory tests and charges at the CCMH Lab; Wellness prices are not available:

  • Blood draw fee: $26.50
  • Complete blood count (CBC) with differential: $95.50
  • Comprehensive metabolic profile: $162.50
  • Lipid profile: $118.00
  • Liver profile: $158.50 (can’t be ordered with metabolic profile, order GGTP and DBil)
  • TSH: $116.50
  • GGTP: $79.50
  • DBIL: $45.00

All corporate health coaching appointments will be conducted by phone. If you have an appointment, please expect a call at your scheduled time.

For CCH updates on Coronavirus, please visit

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