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CCH 2017 Employee Recognition

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  • Written By: Felicia Messimer
CCH 2017 Employee Recognition

Campbell County Health recognized more than 2,260 employees and their departments through advertisements, Department Discovery articles, Thanks for working here Thursday posts, Shout Outs, Legend articles and so much more in 2017! Join us in giving these CCH providers and employees a round of applause for being a part of our team, and earning service recognitions or retirements in 2017.

2017 Providers on the Move
A host of new providers joined the CCH medical staff in 2017; learn more about them at

These providers returned to practice in the community after retirement or moving away.

2017 CCH Retirees
These employees retired from CCH during the past year:

  • Bonnie M. Bache
  • Peggy A. Green
  • Twyla K. Greub
  • Karen A. Happs
  • Delora K. Hartsoch
  • Jeanne M. Hind
  • Marcia A. Knutson
  • Joan M. Kramer
  • Carol F. Madsen
  • Charlene M. Mashak
  • Alice M. Paxton
  • Cheryl A. Opfer
  • Mary E. Swirzcki
  • Maureen A. Tyson

Congratulations to the CCH 2017 Legends!
Legends are people who have left an indelible impression on our minds because of their deeds and actions. Ongoing demonstration of hard work, compassion, and a reputation for greatness make someone a legend.

  1. Elain Brunson, CDM, CFPP, Nutrition Services
  2. Lisa Miller, CDM, CFPP, Nutrition Services
  3. Gemma Monthey, CNA, CCMH Medical / Surgical Unit
  4. Noamie Niemitalo, MS, BSW, SHRM-SCP, Vice President of Human Resources
  5. Veronica Taylor, RN, MS, CIC, Infection Control, Professional Development and Emergency Preparedness

2017 Service Award Winners
Congratulations to these service award winners for their contributions to Campbell County Health.

Five Years of Service

  • Dr. Daniel S. Allen, CCMG Powder River Orthopedics and Spine
  • Erin O. Arnio, CCMH Emergency Department
  • Lyndi M. Boe, CCMH Maternal Child
  • Dr. Timothy D. Bohlender, CCMG Walk-In Clinic
  • Alysha E. Brazee, Cardiopulmonary Services
  • Sarah L. Buxcel, CCMH Med/Surg
  • Navada G. Charles, CCMG Family Medicine
  • Amanda F. Chord, CCH Early Childhood Center (ECC)
  • Renae E. Clemetson, CCMG Central Billing Office (CBO)
  • Patricia G. Cote, ECC
  • Darlene J. Dahn, The Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center
  • Dawn L. Del Toro, CCMH Dialysis Center
  • Carlos C. DeLaRosa, Dialysis
  • Lindie L. Dunlap, CBO
  • Chelle M. English, ECC
  • Courtney R. Fluharty, Maternal Child
  • Jordan E. Grotrian, Wellness
  • Heather L. Halstead, Walk-In Clinic
  • Tera M. Harvel, The Legacy
  • Kelly L. Heimer, Emergency
  • Stefanie R. Hepp Garcia, Walk-In Clinic
  • Nicole M. Himle, CCMH Health and Information Services (Medical Records)
  • Nathanael S. Hixson, CCH Plant Operations
  • Abigail C. Holzwarth, CCMG Nephrology and Complex Medicine
  • Breanna M. Hoyle, The Legacy
  • Amber L. Jackson-Jordan, CCH Quality/Risk and Care Management Departments
  • Sarah L. James, Surgical Services
  • Brandy M. Johnson, CCH Rehabilitation Services
  • Samantha J. Jones, CCMG Neurology & Pain
  • Dr. Hans C. Kioschos, WYOS
  • Kimberly L. Kirby, CCMG Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
  • Sheldon D. Kline, CBO
  • Julie R. Marsyla, CCH Information Systems
  • Melissa S. Mason, CCMH Intensive Care Unit
  • Susan L. McCreary, CBO
  • Lori A. McInerney, ICU
  • Trisha L. Mendenhall, Surgical Services
  • Ashley M. Meritt, Medical Records
  • Felicia J. Messimer, CCH Community Relations
  • Elise M. Necklason, The Legacy Short-Term Rehabilitation
  • Crystal L. Olson, The Legacy
  • Kristin A. Owens, CBO
  • Mary N. Patterson, Walk-In Clinic
  • Michelle K. Pellman, Surgical Services
  • Kelly L. Peters, CCMH Behavioral Health Services (BHS)
  • Julie A. Piercy, CCMG Orthopaedic Specialists
  • Stephen E. Rodgers, Plant Operations
  • Raelyn Rozier, Emergency
  • Julie A. Rozman, CCMH Patient Accounting
  • Christina K. Santos, CCH Cath Lab
  • Barbara S. Shober, Sleep Center
  • Dr. Nathan S. Simpson, WYOS
  • Karyn M. Stansberry, Medical Records
  • Tiffany R. Sylvester, CCMH Laboratory
  • Robin N. Tamez, Med/Surg
  • Paul G. Tolman, IS
  • Sara R. Turner, Med/Surg
  • Amity F. Twibell, BHS
  • Darylene L. Wadsack, BHS
  • Rachel F. Wilde, Wellness
  • Deborah S. Wilson, Walk-In Clinic
  • Heather D. Wofford, Surgical Services
  • Trudi L. Woods, Wellness
  • Tara L. Worden, Home Medical Resources
  • Patti R. Young, Environmental Services

10 Years of Service

  • Hannamarie Bowman, HR
  • Dr. Judith M. Boyle, Hospitalist
  • Misty K. Brown, Lab
  • Vicki L. Brown, CCH Outpatient Imaging
  • Susan K. Chambers, CCH Nursing Administration
  • Shannon M. Coleman, CCMH Pharmacy
  • Carolyn Corley, CPS
  • Jaimie L. Crosier, Emergency
  • Myra L. Deobald, Surgical Services
  • Kadie L. Donaldson, The Legacy
  • Patricia A. Jacobsen, CCMH Coffee Shoppe / Nutrition Services
  • Jesse W. James, Environmental Services
  • Sheleen M. Jarman, CCMG Urology
  • Heidie R. Jasiak, Pharmacy
  • Darren W. Johnson, Powder River Surgery Center (PRSC)
  • Lorri L. Lang, CCMH Patient Access
  • Robert W. Larson, Rehab
  • Colleen S. Long, Emergency Medical Services
  • Christina M. Moore, Patient Experience
  • Sheldon L. Murray, Plant Operations
  • Noamie J. Niemitalo, HR
  • Hope M. Oien, Patient Access
  • Steffany K. Peters, Maternal Child
  • Scott D. Petty, Emergency
  • Amy J. Poole, CCMG Main Clinic
  • Rebecca Powers, ECC
  • Gwen L. Reed, Surgical Services
  • Barbara R. Robison, The Legacy
  • Jason R. Russell, CCH Bio-Med
  • Dr. Laine C. Russell, Wright Walk-In Clinic
  • Delora N. Schmidt, Nursing Admin
  • Lorene M. Schmitz, PRSC
  • Kahla L. Stewart, Surgical Services
  • Angelia K. Stone, Nutrition Services
  • Norma D. Sullivan, ECC
  • Julie M. Tarter, Surgical Services
  • Mariana D. Taveras, Nutrition
  • Leah J. Thalken, Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Debra L. Tonn, Administration
  • Sheela A. Vandamme, ECC
  • Traci D. Waldrop, Heptner Cancer Center
  • Amanda J. Walter, Home Health and Hospice
  • Sarah L. White, BHS

15 Years of Service

  • Janet L. Buchman, The Legacy
  • Trina L. Chick, Plant Ops
  • Jody R. Christopherson, CPS
  • Valarie S. Cook, Heptner Cancer Center
  • Jennifer Farley, Med/Surg
  • Frances L. Hillius, Environmental Services
  • Kay M. Holm, Care Manager
  • Harwell L. Holmes, Cyber Security/IS
  • Iva M. Howard, ICU
  • Dessie M. Hoxie, Sleep Center
  • Sandra D. Lang, Surgical Services
  • Julie Ann Mason, The Legacy
  • Tammy Mohr, HR
  • Viola Nodland, The Legacy
  • Melissa Osborne, Pathology
  • Danielle E. Sisson, Administration
  • Amie N. Stirling, Heptner Cancer Center
  • Gayla S.Willson, Surgical Services

20 Years of Service

  • Linda L. Cates, BHS
  • Janet L. Freeman, Surgical Services
  • Katie J. Golinvaux, Patient Experience
  • Dr. Jonathan M. Hayden, Emergency
  • Cathy A. Heimann, Emergency
  • Shawn A. Holland, Nursing Admin
  • Dr. Theodore G. Lawson, Emergency
  • Lisa M. Miller, Nutrition

25 Years of Service

  • Sondra K. Dabney, The Legacy
  • Ricky D. Engdahl, IS
  • Lorna Thomas, Quality

30 Years of Service

  • Elaine B. Brunson, Nutrition
  • Donna Hallcroft, Lab
  • Loretta Hardy, HR
  • William F. Heineke, BHS
  • Shonna Jones, Patient Access
  • Aree Leger, Linen Services
  • Michlene D. Holwell, Education
  • Amy E. Manor, Nursing Admin
  • Carol E. Thurman, BHS
  • Catherine D. Tuttle, CPS

35 Years of Service

  • Camilla Henle, Patient Accounting
  • Brenda K. Lanz-Dedman, Maternal Child
  • Rose A. Rasmussen-Devries, Lab

40 Years of Service

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